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Manufacturer of SECURITY UNIFORM

Security Uniform needs to reflect professionalism, a sense of security and faith in people. We provide Security Guard uniforms for various sectors like Housing Societies, Industries, Companies, and personal security as well.

We are proud to offer high-quality, professional security dress for security staff working for various sectors like – hospitals, schools, office buildings, banks and more. We understand the importance of presenting a cohesive, professional security guard dress, and Sona Signature being one of the top Security Uniform Manufacturer, knows that best.



Easy to care

To make it easier to care for security guard uniforms, ensure to use fabric that is easy to wash and maintain. These fabrics are designed to hold up to frequent washing, so the security dress will stay looking clean and professional all season long.

Breathable And Comfortable

As top Security Guard Uniform Manufacturers, we ensure the comfort of security staff. We use only the finest, most comfortable fabrics and construction techniques. This includes breathable, lightweight materials that allow for ease of movement, as well as careful attention for lady security guard uniform to ensure the uniforms are not too tight or constricting. In addition to the use of comfortable fabrics, our security jackets also feature functional features such as pockets and other convenient details to help make the job easier for staff like - pockets for holding keys, phones, and other essential items.

Highly durable

Sona Signature being an experienced Security Guard Uniform Supplier knows that the uniforms can add a lot of space in the budget of a security company, and therefore our Security uniforms are durable enough to last for years in desired colour, shape and quality as well as cost efficient to take care of the budget.

Utility Pockets

Security guards and officers are required to carry various items such as keys, torch, gun and other important accessories. We make customized utility pockets as per the needs and requirements of their job that are strong enough to hold even heavy items. For our attention to details, we are known as one of the best security guard dress manufacturer in Delhi NCR and Gurgaon.

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